Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The Winchester Star

Hi everyone!  I am appearing in The Winchester Star this week as the featured business leader in town!

1. When & why did you get into the photography business?  I have been an artist & photographer for most of my life!  Growing up, my family loved photo albums.  When we get together, we still look through our old albums and laugh like crazy!  Finding new & creative ways to document our life became my new hobby and I became the family photographer.  I have had a camera with me ever since!  When we moved to Winchester, 6 years ago, with our three small children, I started taking pictures professionally for my friends and families around town.

2.  What is your training?  I have taught myself by taking pictures of the things and people that I love.  I am fortunate that my life has always been filled with creative souls and art lovers who inspire me & pose for my camera!  Movies and TV have had a big influence on my work .  Watching old movies my whole life has filled me with beautiful images and ideas that I try to capture in each subject.

3.  What are your favorite kinds of portraits to take?  My favorite portraits are taken in my studio of mothers and their children, laughing!  For fun, I also like to stage old Hollywood photos and give them a modern twist.  I am working on my art show for next year and am looking for people with a favorite image that they would like for me to recreate.

4.  What leads to a great family shoot?  A great family portrait has beautiful people with great chemistry, a sense of humor, and perfect lighting.  No problem, lol!  Also, creativity and a quick shutter speed help to capture the "in between moments" that are so flawless.

5.  What paths lead you to Winchester personally and professionally?  My husband, Ted, is from Winchester.  We moved back to be near his family and to send our children to great schools.  I am so happy that Ted is from this town because I love everything about it!  Our friends make us laugh, the parties make us merry, and Ted's sister makes us dinner (every Sunday!)

More about Kristen
Age 37
Started business KristenFitzgerald.blogspot.com 2005
Hometown Woodhaven, New York
Hobbies  painting, blogging, talking on the phone, and walking our puppy Sparkle!
Business Hours  Monday -Sunday 9-5
Price Range  $100-$350

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Drewmeister said...

It was a nice write-up. I saw the article and then looked up your blog. Beautiful pictures.